Creative DIY Ideas For Your Home

You want to be creative ? You want to spent time creating something new for your home ?

    Here are some DIY ideas for you to refurbish your home interior design.Try and test your creativity with these cheap and inovative ideas and put a piece of your imagination into your home.


1. Bookmark shelf

Bookshelf Bookmarker


2. Coffee candle decoration

Coffee Beans and Tealights


3. Noticeboard made of cork

Cork Board Noticeboard


4.Recover your pillows

Cushions Recover


5.Noticeboard into picture frames

Empty Picture Frames Chalkboard


6.Full body pillow

Full Body Pillow


7.Floating bookshelf


8.Magazines stool

Old Magazines Stool


9.Own mug print design

Own Permanent Mug Designs


10.Pencil wall decoration

Pencil Art


11.Old wood necklace hanger

Piece of Wood Necklace Hanger


12.Shoe hangers

Shoe Hangers from Coat Hangers


13.Art decoration made of strings

String Art Decoration


14.Wooden picture decoration

Transfer Picture on Wood


15.Wooden letters on a wooden board and painted over

Wooden Letters Painted Over

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