Palazzo Di Amore Is The Definition For Style And Luxury

Located in Beverly Hills, California this mansion is considered for the most expensive property in America. Set on 24 acres of land it contains 12 bedrooms, 23 bathrooms and a master suit with an area of 500 square foot. The most interesting area of this mansion is the 15 000 square foot complex made for entertainment which include a ballroom area, disco area with rotating dance floor and a dj booth, cinema for 70 people, bowling alley, pool with spa center and a tennis court. The mansion was developed by Mohamed Hadid with the help of the architect Bob Ray Offenhauser and designer Alberto Pint. Style, elegance and luxury are the synonyms for the design of this house interior.

Enjoy it


Palazzo-di-Amore-Interior 1

Palazzo-di-Amore-Interior 2

Palazzo-di-Amore-Interior 3

Palazzo-di-Amore-Interior 4

Palazzo-di-Amore-Interior 5

Palazzo-di-Amore-Interior 6

Palazzo-di-Amore-Interior 7

Palazzo-di-Amore-Interior 8

Palazzo-di-Amore-Interior 9

Palazzo-di-Amore-Interior 10

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