6 Types Of Windows For Your Home

The windows are very important for the design of the house and the atmosphere in the rooms. They let the natural light to go inside the rooms and keep the air fresh. You can choose different windows for your house to be modern or classical. Here you can see interesting types of windows and we hope that they will increase your creativity.

6 widows

Double-Hung Window
This window is one of the most favored types for homeowners. Both the lower and upper sashes slide open vertically and tilt in for easy wiping. On the single hung window the top part remains static and the bottom part functioning. This type of windows is excellent for walkways and porches because you can open and close without protruding.

Double-Hung Windows

Casement Window
This window is hinged on the side and open outward to the right or left. Often taller than wide and the are great for ventilation because their entire sash opens.

Casement Windows

Skylight window
This window is great for people who enjoy watching the sky, bring fantastic natural light and unique atmosphere it the home. Skylights are great choice for bathrooms because of the privacy that they give.

Skylight windows

Transom Window
This windows are good for extra light in the room, some of them are operating some are non operating. Transom window gives more sophisticated taste to the room and they are mounted above a window or door.

Transom Window

Stationary window
This type will give your home a modern and unique style. Stationary windows are not opening but you can construct them in any angle and shape that you wish. The maximize the outside view.

Stationary Windows

Sliding window
This type is more easier and faster to open and maximize your view of outside landscape. They are great space saving solution when they are close to walkways and decks. Sliding windows use more glass and less frames.

Sliding windows



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