8 DIY Garden Swing Ideas

With the summer already here everybody are looking for places for them to hide from the summer sun. One of that places is your backyard. The shadows of the trees will keep you cold while you enjoy in the relaxing atmosphere or have fun with your family. There are lot of easy and cheap ideas for you to improve the look of your backyard and create a fun space for your kids, one of them is setting a garden swing in it. If you like the DIY projects and you already have experience than these DIY garden swing ideas will make your backyard more interesting and fun. Also it will improve the look of it and make your kids happy.

1. Tree swing

The most easy and simple of all ideas. All you need is a rope and one wooden piece to make it happen.

8 DIY Garden Swing Ideas

2. Chair swing

This is the right time to use your old chair sitting in the corner.

8 DIY Garden Swing Ideas (2)

3. Platform swing

Beautiful garden swing made of some PVC pipes and nylon webbing. A little more time and effort for this one but you will forget about your kids fighting about the swing.

8 DIY Garden Swing Ideas (3)

4. Skateboard swing

Very creative idea that will let you swing while standing. It will certainly surprise your kids.

8 DIY Garden Swing Ideas (4)

5. Bench swing

Transform a garden bench into garden swing. It requires little more time, knowledge and patience but the result will serve the hole family.

8 DIY Garden Swing Ideas (5)

6. Pallet swing

This idea will create a bedroom in your yard. You can take a nap in the hot summer days or just enjoy in the piece of your garden.

8 DIY Garden Swing Ideas (6)

7. Tire swing

Another idea for you to recycle some of the items at home. Make your backyard more fun with your old tires.

8 DIY Garden Swing Ideas (7)

8. Wooden planks swing

Simple but impressive swing that looks great and can be used by the children and the adults.

8 DIY Garden Swing Ideas (8)



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