DIY Patio From Pallets

Amazing idea how to make step by step patio from wooden pallets. This idea is perfect and easy, especially for the hot summer days. Great for spending time in the yard with the family and friends. Check the instruction, buy the necessary elements and make this idea in the next free weekend.

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You will need the necessary elements:

  • The wooden pallets need to be strong enough to support a weight from 800 to 1000 kg;
  • Concrete Blocks 20cm x 20cm x 15cm;
  • Varnish for wood and maybe colour, but the varnish will keep the wood more longer in good condition;
  • Sand for more strength of substrate if you make the patio on the ground;

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Depends of the dimension of the palettes and the patio, you will count how much wooden pallets you will need. Check all of the pallets if they have iron nails and remove them.

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First you need to scraping the palettes. And after that is the time to apply the varnish.

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Now is time to prepare the area, where the patio will be placed.

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Measure the area and place the concrete blocks correctly. In holes filled with the sand that will be two times deeper than the concrete blocks. And  the ends of the pallet will be placed on the concrete blocks.

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After this easy and nice project is finished. Don’t put some elements on the pallets leave them one day to find the perfect balance.

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DIY Patio From Pallets

DIY Patio From Pallets (3)

DIY Patio From Pallets (2)

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