DIY Hanging Shelves

Our home is always full of items which are meaningful for us but usually don’t have their own space in our home. They create clutter in the space and make it look unpleasant and boring. The solution to this problem is usually inserting shelves wherever there’s space for it. But, the shelves require drilling holes in the walls and usually the holes can’t hold the weight and bent over. So, our solution is to insert hanging shelves. The design looks better than the normal shelves and they can hold more weight than the regular ones. Also, the DIY projects are a fun time for your family. Just follow the instructions below and make your home unique and more beautiful.

DIY Hanging Shelves (9)

Materials needed for this project:

  • wooden boards
  • rope cords
  • metal rings
  • drill
  • saw

The first thing to do is to cut the boards in the desired shelves length. Next, drill two holes on the opposite sides of the board. You can measure the location of the holes or you can eyeball it.

DIY Hanging Shelves (1)

Then, cut two pieces of the cord to the desired length and tie them to the ring.

DIY Hanging Shelves (2)

DIY Hanging Shelves (3)

DIY Hanging Shelves (4)

Separate the four ends of the cord and put them in the holes of the board. Then tie knots on the other side of the board.

DIY Hanging Shelves (5)

DIY Hanging Shelves (6)

The final step is to find space for the hanging shelves and put the favorite items on them.

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DIY Hanging Shelves (8)

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