DIY Triangle Shelves

This DIY triangle shelves are interesting project for decorating the home. Especially if you have a lot of small dear items. And don’t have space where to place them. This shelves are excellent place, for placing this small items. And plus they will be great decoration of the empty walls.

DIY Triangle Shelves (3)

Necessary things :

  • Glue for wood ;
  • 4 Wooden planks ;
  • Acrylic color ;
  • Spray for acrylic paint ;
  • Angle meter ;
  • Measuring tape ;
  • Sandpaper ;

DIY Triangle Shelves (2)

First step is to set an angle of 30 degrees, on the angle meter. Second step, set the desired length of the wooden pieces on the measuring tape. The third step is to cut the plank, very carefully. Fourth step you need the new three wooden pieces to be smoothed with the sandpaper.

DIY Triangle Shelves (5)

Now is time for the fifth and six step. Tightly bound the pieces of wood with the glue. In a shape of equilateral triangle. The seventh and eight step is to flatten each uneven wood made from the glue. And paint the shelves in your favorite color.

DIY Triangle Shelves (1)

DIY Triangle Shelves (4)


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