Diy Flower Wall For The Nursery Room

Amazing diy project for the nursery room. If you expect new family member, this is excellent idea. To make the interior warm and pleasant place for the baby. With bright and peaceful colors. To make this simple and easy diy project, that can be used even for background for photo session. Check the necessary things.


Necessary things:

  • Artificial flowers ;
  • Silicone gun ;
  • Styrofoam board ;

The first solution is to glue the flowers on the wall with silicone gun. And the other more practical. To glue them on a styrofoam board. Or just to press them in the board.



This project is made by the baby stylist Vanessa Antonelli. That make this amazing room like from a fairytale. The flower wall is the key element in the decoration. And hundred artificial flowers are used.


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