DIY Wall Chalkboard Project

This amazing DIY chalkboard project is easy and original idea. That can be great decoration for the wall instead of the classical wallpapers. Looks good in every room, and can be used like a board. The content can be changed and cleaned with one sponge. Check the necessary things and steps for making this DIY project.


Necessary Things:

  • 260 ml matte latex or acrylic painting for the wall or wooden surface;
  • Bowl for mixing;
  • 30 grams grouting materials;
  • Painting brush;
  • Sanding paper that is granulation 150;

Now you need to follow this four steps:

1. Before the painting, the surface need to be clean and very important, dry. And if is damaged, fix the damaged areas.

2. Start to mix the colour and the materials for grouting, until the mixture is not without lumps. The dye will dry very fast, so don’t mix a lot of quantity in the same moment.

3. Start to apply the dye with the brush on the wall, and wait to dry.

4. The last step, polishing the dry surface.



This chalkboard is amazing project for every room. For the kids room. Will bust their creativity. For the kitchen to write the tasty recipes. In the living room to paint some amazing drawing or you favorite inspirational quotes.



This idea will be very practical for the working room. To write the daily tasks. And for amazing interior look in the bedroom and bathroom. Check the ideas on the pictures.




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