Interesting 3D Printed House In Amsterdam

This cool 3D printed house is designed by the architectural studio DUS Architects. The final result is amazing . The “urban cabin” is a compact house with fairy-tale form, and with dark tones. And placed next to the lovely canals in Amsterdam, Holland.


The architect are saying that this house is a example. For more eco-friendly and self-sufficient objects for the future. Made from biological plastic that can be recycled again and used for other or the same purposes. The dimension of the house is 92 square foot. With small porch for sitting outside. The facade is with geometric pattern.




The interior is small for one bed or sofa. And for enjoying for the weekend in some natural environment. The main purpose of the architectural studio was. This house to be used and placed in the nature. Or like a temporary home in areas of natural disaster. Because the house is made in 24 hours. And after can be recycled and to be made again in the future.


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