Modern DIY Geometric Headboard

This amazing DIY geometric headboard is perfect project. For modern interior design in the bedroom. The project is not complicate, only the cutting of the wooden pieces. The placing of the elements is easy. And the final result will be stunning.



Necessary things :

  • Plywood ;
  • Angular circular saw ;
  • Glue for wood ;
  • 10 white and 10 rough wooden pieces (width the same like the plywood and to be 5 cm high)

The steps :

First you will need plywood that will have width 30 cm larger than the bed. And to be high around 120 cm. After you need to place the wooden pieces on the plywood. Alternately rough and white pieces.


Next step is to decide where will be the inverted design. Make a mark on the spots, where you will need to cut the pieces with the angular circular saw. And cut angles of 45 degrees.




Now the easy part. The cut pieces and place them in reverse to make the design. From the excess wood, make wooden pieces to place on the sides were the matter will be placed. Now is the time with the glue to start placing the wooden pieces on the plywood. And wait for 24 hours to dry. The last step is to screw the DIY geometric headboard on the bed.




If you want trim around the edges. You will need the measure the perimeter and then cut the pieces at an angle of 45 degrees. To make an angle of 90 degrees. Glue the wooden pieces the same like the rest of the wooden pieces.



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