Amazing Mobile Weekend House

This lovely mobile weekend house, is designed by the firm “Escape Homes” form USA. The house is very practical and perfect solution, when you want to run away from the city. In some peaceful place, that have amazing natural environment.


Good thing about this house is that you can rent it for a day or more. And if you decided to buy. Some of them have mini bar, and bathroom with bathtub. The houses are comfortable and with all necessary things. For normal living. You just need to decide, what you want to have in the interior. And the company will make the mobile home in 90 days.




The construction of the home is made from wood. The same is with the interior. The wooden elements are dominant. And because of that the atmosphere is warm and pleasant. The bedroom is comfortable and in the corner of the home. The kitchen is large and amazing. The bathroom is small but practical. The designers placed large windows. And a lot of natural light enter in the interior.



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