Student Apartment With 27m2 For 4 People

This amazing student apartment is designed by the architectural studio „LYCS Architecture“. And have modern and very practical interior design. The apartment „Campus Hong Kong“ have ideal solutions and space for 4 people to live and study. In so small area of 27 square meters.



The apartment is amazing solution for the students. Because is more cheap than the other places for living. Located in the crowded city of Hong Kong, China. The apartment is small, but with very comfortable design. The architectural studio made fantastic job. They used perfectly every square meter.



The architects break all the unnecessary walls and make one single area. They placed the 4 beds on a high wooden construction. And under each of them, working desk for every student. In the middle of the room is the dining table. The bathroom and kitchen are next to the exit door. This student home, have very interesting and modern elements. Like the black chandeliers and red refrigerator. My favorite element is the chalkboard wallpaper on the ceiling.


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