8 Easy DIY Halloween Decoration Ideas

Halloween is around the corner. And if you don’t have some decoration ideas for the home. Don’t get disappointed. Today we gonna show you easy and creative DIY ideas. For the interior and exterior of the home. Check this 10 interesting ideas, and apply them in the house.

Cool Tin Can Luminaries


This idea is one of the cheapest and easier. You just need cans and candles. First make holes in the cans, with the letters that you want. And paint them with black color.

Floating Witch Hats


This is one of the best ideas. That is very creepy and unique. The floating witch hats, are great for decorating the porch.

Paper Bag Luminaries


This idea is similar like the tin can luminaries. Just we recommend you to don’t use candles for light.

Fantastic Glowing Ghosts


Easy and cool idea. You need first to put the light stick in the white balloons. Inflate the balloons, and draw the ghost faces with a black marker.

Decorative Pumpkins


Some of the pumpkins you can decorate without carving. Just paint them with black color. And draw some interesting image.

Decorating The Stairs


Just place some small pumpkins and candles on the stairs. Buy black card stock. And cut them in a shape like a mice. Bring the Halloween spirit i n the interior.

Pumpkins From Flower Pots


You will need flower pots in orange color. Or white, but you will need to paint them. Make a hole on the bottom and put stick to make it look like a stem.

Door Hanger


You just need peace of cardboard. Make a hole for hanging on the door. And paint some scary sentence.

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