Creative DIY Wall Decorations

With this DIY wall decorations you will break the monotony in the interior. The atmosphere will be joyful, and you will have pleasant space for living. And to succeed this you just need few things and little bit of creativity.




The empty white walls often can look very boring. Always you can decorate the with some paintings. But if you want to make the home creative and unique place. This three-dimensional decorative elements are excellent choice. They are made from paper and you can glue them on the walls.




This amazing decorative elements are made by the girl with creative spirit, Heidi. This girl is selling the items on Etsy. And she is making butterflies, batman logo, leaves and many other amazing elements. But you don’t need to spend money, and to buy this decorative elements. Use them for your inspiration and try to make similar. You will need just a glue and paper in different colors and patterns.


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