DIY Mirror Made From Children Toys

This creative DIY mirror project. Will bring creativity in the interior. And will make your home, more interesting place for living. If your kids grown up. And you have old toys stored somewhere in the home. This is the right diy project to be made, in the next free weekend.


Necessary things:

  • Toys;
  • Spray in color by your choice ;
  • Glue Gun ;
  • Mirror;

Follow this steps, and the creative DIY project will be finished very easy and fast. You can make it with your family and spend quality time together.


First with the spray, paint the small toys. Desirable is the toys to be in similar dimensions. And the mirror will be symmetrical. With the glue gun place the toys, around the mirror. And wait for them to get dry. The project is ready for placing on the wall.



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