3 Clever DIY Ways to Help you Organize your Jewelry

As the years pass by, we tend to accumulate a large number of jewelry pieces, making the collection larger and larger, and unfortunately, in most cases unorganized. That is why too often we find ourselves spending too much time for bringing out that old necklace, ring or other jewelry pieces that we haven’t worn in a while.

There are many solutions that can help us organize our jewelry better and will save us a tremendous amount of time when searching for less used jewelry piece, and at the same time present our jewelry in a fresh and organized way, enabling us to check all of our collection in only a matter of second.

However, you don’t need to organize all of your jewelry. You must always know where you store your most valuable and important jewelry piece like your beautiful engagement ring when you are washing the dishes. It doesn’t matter if it is silver, golden, real diamond or moissanite engagement ring but what matters is to keep it in a safe place. Moissanite? Yes, that is the new trend in wedding rings, something alike diamond, maybe even better, with the highest refractive index of all gems, impressive fire, durability, and brilliance but much cheaper than diamonds. If you consider proposing your girlfriend with one of these rings made by Charles & Colvard, check out this great and lengthy resource on moissanite rings published by Lifestyle Updated.

Anyways, remember always to keep your engagement ring in front of the jewelry collection or at least in a special place among your ring collection.

Now when we know why jewelry organization can be important, but unfortunately often overlooked, let us have a look at the best options for organizing the extensive collection of necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings. You will definitely find a solution that will work for your collection and your interior room design.

  1. Jewelry Drawers

If you want to hide your jewelry pieces, then the drawers are the right choice for you. However, the problem with drawers is that they require too much space, compared with other solutions used for organizing the jewelry. In case you have a large bedroom or a walk-in closet, then you will find these pictures of jewelry drawers very useful for your future room decoration.










  1. Jewelry Bowls

Using bowls as containers for your jewelry is very simple. You can combine several bowl sizes, shapes and colors to get a funky design or you can just use the same sizes and shapes if you are more into a minimalistic design. The bowls can be unhandy if you have an excessive collection, but if that is your case, you can combine them with drawers.






  1. Jewelry frames and displays

These DIY solutions are very simple and budget friendly and can be easily adapted according to your needs and your interior design. If you are good in DIY projects, you can use these pictures to get some inspiration before making your own jewelry frame or display.






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