Top 14 Ways of Using Wall Cladding to Beautify Your Place

Every person wants his/her house to appear beautiful and appealing. The use of wall cladding offers elegant look to the home and is a smart way to adorn one’s surroundings. There are a wide range of claddings for walls available in the market and one can make use of all these decorative claddings to enhance the beauty of exterior or interior of the building.

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Wall Cladding

These specific wall cladding options can be used on the decorated surface or the undecorated surface. Large hygienic plastic sheets or various designs and shapes are more commonly suitable on the plain walls. All the decorative claddings can be joined to each other and these can be easily secured to the walls. All the decorative claddings for walls can be easily found in different designs and colors.


Best ways to decorate with wall cladding

There are a few interesting ways of decorating walls and they are:

1. Temporary cladding – It is becoming more and more popular these days. The temporary one is used as the best option for the wall. It is very easy to peel off and can be changed easily if not liked by the people.

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Bathroom Wall Cladding

2. Bamboo poles – This is an eco-friendly option and is suitable for libraries or study rooms.

3. Tonkin canes: These are suitable for bathroom walls and are found in yellow and white and contrasting colors.

4. Furring strips: These are available in both horizontal and vertical strips and are suitable for outdoor spaces.

5. Aluminum cladding: It is a valid to call it a green cladding. It is manufactured by using recycled material which is a great concept.

6. Gadua poles: It is also made up of bamboo and gives out a dramatic as well as robust look to the entire space.

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Stone Wall Cladding

7. Stucco: These are not just decorative but also weather proof product which comes in various kinds of finish including patterned stucco, pebbledash, damp, and rough stucco.

8. Bamboo screens – By making use of screens one can have dual advantage as these can add more beauty to the wall and can also make use of them as the storage compartment. They are best suited for patios and terraces.

9. Bamboo rolls – Normally rolls can be used for windows, but bamboo rolls offers fabulous look to wall panels. One can also make use of straw beach mats and it will works really well.

10. Vinyl cladding: It is a best option available as protection for the wall and is the most common material used for a cladding.

11. Stone cladding: It is used for the interior spaces such as bathrooms, bedroom or living rooms. It is easy to install, maintain and durable in nature.

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Brick Wall Cladding

12. Brick cladding: It is costly and is also not easy to install. It is majorly used for the exteriors.

13. Wood cladding: Red wood or cedar is mostly chosen for cladding walls, it is a bit costly, but worth using as it offers million dollar look to the home.

14. Laminate cladding: It is a great option to use instead of ceramic tiles. It is strong as well as durable in nature which makes it a perfect wall cladding material.

What makes wall cladding important?

Wall cladding prevents the infiltration in the building and iWork’s as a protective measure for the walls of the building. Most people prefer having wall specific cladding options as the maintenance cost is low and is also very durable. It also provides safety to the building. Choose any cladding which matches the theme of the property and which suits your budget and also meets the weather requirements of the place. Improve the value of the home by incorporating wall cladding on the walls of your house.

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