Awesome and Easy DIY Home Decor Ideas

A budget friendly way to design your home is through the means of some awesome DIY techniques. Not only do they help decorate your home but they also make the home decor task a fun and exciting one. You can tweak up your bedroom with quirky DIY mirror frames and your living rooms with beautiful DIY tables and chairs. There are just too many DIY home decor ideas out there to experiment with. So, let’s check out a few of them now!

DIY Home Decor Mirror Frames

There are many mirror frame DIY ideas to choose from. We will be discussing a few of them here. You can design a Hollywood style mirror by placing light bulb holders around the whole frame. And once you’ve done that, you can fix some bulbs and switch them on for that vanity effect. Another way to DIY your mirror frame is by using those old, worn out toy cars from your own or your kid’s collection. You can use this mirror in your kid’s room to give it that quirky edge. Another DIY mirror frame idea is that of outlining the whole frame with a jute rope. You can do so with the help of some glue and a jute rope. This DIY home decor jute mirror idea will look elegant and can also be used inside bathrooms as water won’t cause any damage to it.

Image: DIY Mirror Frames

DIY Table Ideas for Living Rooms

Just like any other thing, there are many DIY table design ideas to go for. They are easy to make and look beautiful. And the best part about these DIY tables is that you can custom design them to suit your needs and your living room decor requirements. The first table design idea is very simple. All you need for this are some wooden crates. Now place these crates atop each other and voila, you have your awesome table ready to be used as a coffee table or however else you may. Another DIY table idea is that of a Ceramic Tiles table. Lay that old table out and re-invent it with an absolutely gorgeous application of tiles. Use some grout and mortar to fix the tiles to the table. And I am sure you would love your table design.

Image: DIY Table Designs

DIY Storage Ideas

A storage place hasn’t necessarily got to be a tacky little corner in your room or kitchen anymore. With the help of these cool DIY ideas, you can turn those storage spaces into a thing of admiration. So, let’s check them out now. You can use a pull-out rack in the kitchen – this will serve the purpose of storage and at the same time, provide you with some more space in your kitchen. This will also allow you to finally get that big kitchen sink. Another DIY storage hack can be made out from crates. You can paint them in different colours and stack atop each other. Besides, to store miscellaneous stationary and other stuff, you can make use of glasses, tape holders, containers, etc. to make a proper holder. You can then paint all of these in a colour of your choice and stick them to a board.

Image: DIY Storage Ideas

DIY Decorative Items

There are many things that you can DIY for your home. With the help of some twigs and a glass container, you can make a beautiful candle stand. Just like that, you can paint all the flower pots in your home some nice colour and then decorate it with jute and other things. Another thing that you can do in few simple steps is – paint some wooden pieces in different colours, stick black and white pictures of animals on it and then just laminate. You can hang these anywhere in the house or you may use them as coasters for keeping cups of hot and cold coffee on them.

Image: DIY Decorative Items

So, these are some easy DIY home decor tricks and tools. With their help, home decor is not an issue anymore. You can use them to store things, in your living rooms or just about anywhere else in your house for decoration purposes. So, don’t wait, go and start your DIY project today!

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