5 Interesting DIY Projects For Quickly Refresh The Interior

Today we will show you interesting DIY projects for refreshing the home. This 5 ideas are fast and easy to make. And the difference in the home will be more than evident. The spring is coming and now is the right time to roll up your sleeves. And to make some of this decorative and practical ideas.

1. Paint the old jars in the color that you want. Reuse them for keeping some cutleries.

2. If you use some old pallets like a furniture in the interior. Now is the right time to repaint this elements. And they will bring more warm and modern ambient in the home.

3. Take some old bulb and cut the bottom. Wrap some iron wire around the bulb and make holder like on the picture.

4. Wrap thread around some old glass bottles. And the final result will be interesting and creative flower vases. This elements are nice decorative element for almost every interior design.

5.  If you have some old cotton materials. You can use them like a pillow covers.

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