DIY Swimming Pool Which Can Be Made In 1 Hour

This DIY swimming pool is amazing and easy project that you can make in less than one hour. It’s nothing spectacular, but will be perfect in the summer days. For quickly refreshing yourself. And to spend every day few hours, with the family and friends in the yard.

Necessary elements:

  • 9 Palettes or more, for bigger dimensions ;
  • Waterproof tarp (2 pieces beneath the swimming pool and inside.)
  • Boards ;
  • Heavy duty load straps ;
  • Duct tape ;

First place the waterproof tarp on some flat surface. Now you need to place the palettes in a circle. And for structural support, the boards need to be nailed where the pallets are connecting. For more safety and straight, place the duty load straps around the construction.

Because the boards are rough, you can place some old blankets and towels. And cover every corner of the interior.

Now is the time to place the second waterproof tarp. Like a pool liner inside the DIY swimming pool. And the waterproof tarp was held up with duct tape.

As a shelves you can use boards, around the top edge of the swimming pool. For better exterior you can use bamboo. Amazing and easy DIY project for more fun and relaxation  in the summer.

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