Modern Fairytale House In The Middle Of The Woods

This stunning residence, is a perfect definition for modern fairytale house. Located deep in the woods of northern state of New York. The house perfectly blend with the breathtaking natural surrounding. And it’s ideal getaway place from the crowded city.

This type of residence becoming very popular. Far away from the urban areas. This house is designed buy the architectural studio “Lang Architecture”. And have amazing exterior. That reminds us of a fairytale hut. The construction is wooden, and with front facade made from glass. For fully enjoying the view of the swimming pool and greenery.

The interior is amazing the same like the exterior. With shades of pale beige color. And a mix of minimalist and rustic styles. A lot of the elements are wooden. For making the atmosphere more warm and pleasant. The main living room and the lovely kitchen are connected in one big area. For hanging out with the family and friends. The private area is on the lower level of the residence.

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