DIY Refurbishing The Old Pieces Of Furniture

Interesting project for DIY refurbishing of the old furniture pieces. That will make them modern and creative. The old not usable tables and chairs, you will bring them to life. And the interior will be refreshed and unique. Check the steps and necessary materials for this creative project.

Necessary materials :

  • Chair or table
  • Paper tape (crepe)
  • Color
  • Brush
  • Sandpaper

The first step is to scrape the chair with sandpaper everywhere.

Now is the time to put the paper tape on the furniture piece, in the desired form.

Now is the time to brush the furniture with paint. After you need to wait 24 hour. For the second layer of brushing with the paint you choose.

After the drying of the second layer. It’s the time to remove the paper tape carefully.

If you want you can spray the furniture with lacquer for wood.

The second example is with old table. The steps are the same and the final result is truly amazing. Roll up your sleeves and make this project for the weekend.

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