DIY Unique Wooden Hangers

Today we will show you amazing DIY project. That you can make very easy and fast. This wooden hangers are very practical and creative element for the interior design. If you are big family, and all the time you have friends that come in your home. Probably you don’t have enough place for all of the jackets, hats and scarves. Check this project and roll up your sleeves.

Necessary materials:

  • wooden board ;
  • cutting machine;
  • wooden hangers;
  • cutting machine;
  •  rotary hammer;
  • double screws;
  • marker;

Write some interesting quotes on every hanger.

Cut all of the hangers like on the picture. Few inches below the middle. Now is the time to make hole in the wooden board and on the hangers.

Find the right place for placing the wooden board with the hangers. With this DIY project the interior will be more creative and pleasant place for living.


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