Travel Into The Royal Times With Classic Indian Interiors


Ancient Indian culture has witnessed royal reigns and rulers. The imperial lifestyle of the rulers is apparently seen in their remains, sculptures, and art work. The palatial beauty of India can be a part of every home with beautifully designed Indian interiors inspired from royal era. The elements of the royal times that can be included in every home are described here. You will be amazed to find your home gain a palatial grace with these easy to implement designing ideas.

Vibrant Colors – Royal residences of Maharajas and Maharanis were designed with earthy hues of brick red, rich brown, ochre yellow, and burnt orange. The vibrant colors used on walls and interiors would give the majestic effect to the entire décor. You don’t need to overdo this as too much of colors would interfere your vision. Bring these colors in the form of paintings, curtains, and art pieces, while keeping the walls plain to avoid darkening the entire interior. Play safe by using neutral shades with subtle designs as base and adding dash of brightness with cushions, rugs, furniture, and furnishing.

Solid Wood Interiors – Solid wood has played a key role in ancient Indian interiors. The solid wood furniture carved to perfection by the skilled Indian artisans would make any space turn into palatial mansion. The legs and armrests are curved to give artistic look. Apart from the crafted chairs, you can use jharokas, chests, center tables, foot stools, or ornate cabinet sourced from the royal era.

Canopy Beds – Amongst wide range of furniture crafted from solid wood, canopy beds come directly from the royal bedrooms. These magnificent beds with crafted or plain pillars can add dramatic effect to the bedroom with canopies designed from regal fabric. Advantage of using canopies is the variation you can bring in the room every time you change it.

Low Seating – Low seating also called Indian seating is the part of royal heritage. Low height wooden platform with upholstered mattress and cushion make the perfect low seating. You can have this seating arrangement as the extra seating to have an informal chatting session with family over a cup of tea or coffee. Have one such corner in your room to relax.

Swing – Another seating arrangement found mainly in Indian households. A beautiful metal chain with motifs interlinked to hang the wooden swing may work as the eye catcher. Hang this swing from the ceiling or if there is no space issue then use the wooden frame with crafted motifs all over. These indoor swings would be quite an attention grabber in western culture.

Crafted Cabinets – Ancient Indian craftsmanship has remained the signature style for royal palaces. Even the cabinets hold this beautiful work all around. You don’t need to have many of them, but just one classic piece in the corner of the room would serve as storage as well as the epitome of grandeur.

Touch of royal residences can be brought home through the furniture, furnishing, and accessories inspired from majestic palaces of India. Find them online or check out specialty store to find the right pick.

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