Piece Of Art In The Interior : 8 DIY Unusual Shelves


With this unusual shelves, you gonna make the interior more playful and creative place for living. They don’t need to be large and still will give to the room special warmth. Probably half of this unusual shelves you’ve seen somewhere. In the magazines, but you can’t find the store, which selling them. And because of that reason, we will tell you how to make them by yourself.

1. Shelf in unusual shape.

This shelf you can make with rough wooden boards. And arrange in different shape.

Piece Of Art In The Interior : 8 DIY Unusual Shelves

2. Amazing shelf from drawer.

This is my favorite idea. You just need old drawer. And you can paint it with your favorite color. If you don’t have old drawers. You can use crate from whisky bottles or small barrel.

3. Shelf in a shape like a wooden bridge.

This shelf is unique piece of art. You will need to drill two holes in each of the wooden pieces. And thread the rope through each hole. Next find two metal brackets similar like on the picture. And the shelf is ready for placing on the wall.

4. Shelf like a branch of a tree.

Set the wooden boards in a shape of a branch. And the job is finished.

5. Shelf in the form of a triangle.

Simple and stylish shelves. You will need 3 wooden board and few iron nails. And if you want you can place one extra wooden board in the middle.

6. Hanging wooden triangle.

This shelf is similar like the previous one. Just more creative. You will need to make two holes and to put one rope. And the slave is ready for hanging.

7. Creative shelf in the form of scale.

Make small construction with two wooden boards. Long thin rope and 3 metal brackets.

8. Shelf for the working materials.

You will need cardboard with trapezoidal shape. To make the pyramids. And to set them on cardboard surface.

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