15 DIY Ways To Make Your Bed More Comfortable


With this 15 DIY ways you can make your bed more comfortable. And pleasant place for peaceful sleeping and resting. Because it’s the most important thing, to have nice and productive day. Check the ideas and apply some of them in your home.


1. You have some small corner space. Place the bed there and set curtain for privacy.

2. Put in the room some interesting element like on the picture. And for sure you will wake up with better mood.

3. If you want more calm space, Use only neutral colors.

4. Make by yourself, some interesting canopy over the bed. It will make the ambient in the room like from some fairy tale.

5. For more luxurious atmosphere. Place large bed on wooden platform.

6. Put bed and pillow covers with light blue color. The will feed the eye and make the ambient more relaxing.

7. Always wash the sheets with fresh detergent. Iron them when they are still wet. And they will stay fresh longer.

8. One of the most important thing. To have lamp next to your bed. To don’t get up, especially for turning on the light.

9. Bunch of pillows is always a good idea.

10. Knit blanket is always a good idea.

11. Make the bed every morning nicely. Because when you gonna enter in the room for sleeping. You will feel more better.

12. Place a bench at the end of the bed. It will looks more larger.

13. Interesting lights over the bed. For fairy tale ambient in the room.

14. For better dream, place some lavender or chamomile next to the bed.

15. Place the bed next to the windows. For more natural light.

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