Make A Fake Window In The Basement


This diy fake window is great idea. For the dark basement or cellar. Because most of this areas in the home, only have 4 walls. And if you spend a lot of time there. This project gonna be perfect for implementing.

Necessary Elements :

  •  Frame with size of 60х120 centimeters ;
  • Acrylic ;
  • Corn starch ;
  • Two LED lights ;
  • Curtain ;
  • Plastic board ;

Set the the led lights on the wall.

Set the acrylic cover in the frame.

The starch from the corn flour is applied on the acrylic surface. To give an effect like the natural light is entering from the window.

Cut the plastic board and make two long pieces. For placing in the middle of the window.

And in the end just put white curtain. And this creative and practical project is ready.

The project is cheap and easy for making. You will need few hours. And for sure the end result will surprise you, and all the visitors that will enter in the basement.

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