6 Tips To Turn Your Bathroom Into A Spa


Imagine to have a improvised spa in your bathroom. After the long and hard working day to came home and relax. Alone in the bathtub with countless bubbles and amazing aromatic smell in the room. To go to the spa every week. It’s expensive and you will need more time. Instead, make your bathroom a mini spa to release the stress. On daily basis. Try to implement some of this interesting ideas.

The right choice of the lighting

The right choice of lighting is not an easy task. Because when you brush your teeth, shave or do the make-up. You will need a bright light. But for relaxing in the bathtub, you will want to minimize the brightness. And the cheapest way to achieve that goal is to set a potentiometer.

Make yourself more comfortable

After the relaxing time in the bathtub. It’s time to roll up yourself in large luxury spa towel. The towel need to have maximum absorbing and softens.

Bathroom rug is a must

If you want to escape the stupid cold feeling. When you gonna go out from the warm bath tub. And step on the cold tiles. Set a bathroom rug on the floor.

More natural elements in the bathroom

In the spa you can notice natural elements. Like stones and plants that give you relaxing feeling. So always is a good idea to put some plants in the bathroom.

Make spa ambient 

Place candles in the room. Choose some relaxing music. The incense sticks and the fresh handmade cosmetics for the water is a must. And the sea salt is not a bad idea.

Visually expand the space

If you have a small bathroom. Your improvisations are limited. And the cheapest way to make the space visually larger. Is to set large few mirrors.

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