Tips For Designing A Green Bedroom

Designing a Green Bedroom
If you don’t want to live among pesticides and toxins, you shouldn’t want to sleep in them either. Your bedroom should serve as a retreat from all the stress, anxiety and hardship of the day, so it should be as eco-friendly as possible. Turning your bedroom into a green space will not only benefit our Mother Earth, but will also make you healthier and happier. Here’s a little guide on how to design a perfect greed bedroom of peace, serenity and mindfulness.

Use non-toxic paints
Paint is often the number one source of toxins in your home. Conventional paint uses many chemicals hazardous for your health and the environment. They can cause allergies, lung problems and other health issues. So, before you decide to paint your bedroom, do some thorough research on non-toxic and plant based paints and where you can find them. Of course, make sure to choose a nice soothing colour, such as icy blue, or a soft shade of grey or lavender, for a full relaxing experience.

Bring in some greenery
If you live in the countryside, you’re in luck, but most of us live in the city with a lot of traffic and little greenery to provide fresh air. If you’re one of us who lives in the city, you must consider getting some plants for your bedroom. They will not only improve the air quality and oxygen level in your home, but will also create that organic atmosphere every human needs. Reserve a corner for a big plant, or put a small plant on your nightstand. You’ll see how much better you’ll feel in the presence of nature.

Forget about leather
If you want to create a green bedroom, then forget about leather. Leather is extremely cruel to animals, and it undergoes many chemical treatments in order to become suitable for furniture. You can always get faux leather that’s vegan and doesn’t harm any living being and you will not even feel the difference.

Install eco-friendly bulbs
This is one easy and fast change you can make towards creating a green bedroom. Replace your nightstand bulb, ceiling lights and other fixtures with some eco-friendly bulbs and let some more natural light in. Sunshine is always free and it offers warm and comforting light.

Replace carpets with hard wood floors and organic rugs
Traditional carpets contain many petroleum-based products and chemicals, and it’s very easy to expose yourself to those carcinogens from carpets. If you walk on it barefoot, you can absorb those chemicals through your skin. They are also quite hard to clean. Unless you have asuper vacuum, you will not be able to remove all the trapped dirt, dust and allergy triggers. It is better to choose floors that are made of hardwood or bamboo, and look for some organic runner rugs that can be easily cleaned and shaken outside.

Choose green mattresses
You definitely don’t want to sleep in all those chemicals from traditional mattresses. Get green mattresses made of bamboo, cotton or rayon, that are much safer for your health and the health of your loved ones.

Finish off with an air purifier
When you turn your bedroom into a green oasis, you can finish off with a good air purifier to insure optimal air quality in the room. Check out some air purifier ratings online and find one that best fits your needs.
If you’ve definitely decided to go green in your bedroom, you’ve made a good first step. Do some small changes in the beginning and you’ll see that it’s actually easier than you think. After you make those changes and see how many health benefits green living has, you’llsoon want to redo your whole house.

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