5 DIY Mobile Cabinets For Your Clothes

Let’s face it: not all of us can live in grand, luxurious homes with tons of space to set everything up. The rest of us have to make the most out of what we have. This means we have to know how to get organized, and how to maximize the space that’s available to us.

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Whether you live in an apartment, or a small house, you can always find new ways to get creative with your living space. For example, if you own a lot of clothes and you see some of them just lying around the house; it’s probably the right time to buy a bigger cabinet.

Even better: why not build your own cabinet?

People who are into DIY (do-it-yourself) projects will love this idea. Instead of spending your hard-earned money on a brand new cabinet, you can just build one yourself! You can build it exactly the way you want, and you can get your creative juices flowing. The best thing about DIY cabinets, aside from the fact that they are functional, is that you can build them to suit your specific space-saving needs. They are also easy to move—or sometimes completely portable—so you can rearrange your home as many times as you want. These cabinets won’t get in your way.

Now if you want ideas on how you can save space using a mobile cabinet of your own, here are five of the best ones:

  1. Bookcase Closet

DIY Cabinets are both practical and beautiful. But some people try to avoid it because they think it takes too much effort.

But sometimes, all it takes is a little creativity. For example, if you have an old bookcase, you can take a close look at it and see how you can build it into a mobile cabinet. If you no longer read those old books, you can give them away or sell them, and then make the most out of the bookcase.

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Look at that bookcase, envision what you want to transform it into, and then repurpose as you see fit.

Sometimes it may need a bit of tweaking. Perhaps the old wooden look doesn’t suit your interior decoration. Paint the bookcase to let it complement its surroundings, readjust the clothing bar heights, and you’re ready to go!

Give it a proper “face lift” and it should easily make room for your clothes. Bookcases also have multiple compartments or differently-sized shelves, which you can use for different types of clothing such as belts, shoes, and even accessories. It’s all about getting organized. If you manage to organize all your stuff into the bookcase, you’ll find that it’s a great space-saving furniture.

  1. Mobile Tool Cabinet

Tool cabinets are great for holding all your DIY supplies. But if you can fit these supplies into a toolbox, why are you still using a tool cabinet? Organize all your tools into a nice and big toolbox, and then repurpose your tool cabinet into a mobile closet!

Not many people own wood shops anyway.

  1. Closet Organizer for Simple Accessories

Take a 1×12 and a 1×3 piece of wood, glue them together with wood glue, paint them (if you want to make it more stylish) and then use a couple of nails to make your own accessory rack!

Sure, it’s not technically a closet, but it’s a portable space-saving technique that you can use when your belts and neckties are cluttering up your house.

  1. DIY Garment Rack

You don’t need to buy an expensive garment rack online (because those things can cost around $1,900!) when you can just look at their pictures online, take inspiration, and build your own!

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With some basic shop skills and some wood, you can build your own. Just create a base where you can line up all your shoes, add two more layers on top so you can hang your clothes, and you’ve got your very own garment rack!

  1. DIY Rolling Rack

For your very own rolling rack, you’ll need a ½” steel conduit pipe, black spray paint, 2 floor flanges, 4 casters, wood base, 2 elbow joints, 24 wood screws.

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Put it all together—it’s as easy as assembling any new furniture—and then spray paint the whole thing to make it more stunning.

DIY is all about creativity, resourcefulness, and practicality. Find the best one for your living space and get it started!

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I am a Michigan based entrepreneur and Mom and the CEO & co-founder of  Livnfresh. A state related t-shirt brand. Previously, I worked in healthcare and food and beverage industries before Marrying into a screen printing business.



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