Going Vintage: How to Incorporate Your Vintage Finds into Your Home Decor

While it’s sometimes easier to just head to the store and buy generic, the results are often best when you can add a bit of a unique touch. Nothing adds that elusive cozy feeling to a room quite like a few genuine vintage finds. Some choose to decorate their entire home, or at least a whole room in retro style, while others just add a little special touch by adding a few choice details. Whatever path you decide to take, here are some useful ideas on how to maximize the effect of your precious finds.

Choose your colors

There are several ways to achieve the perfect retro feel when it comes to colors. Depending on the style you are aiming for, you can take one of the main routes. If your goal is country style, white and pastels are the way to go. Mint is especially useful in evoking the feel of a country house. Deep jewel tones like emerald, indigo and burgundy add an almost aristocratic feel. And if you are bohemian at heart, then play with colors and patterns like there’s no tomorrow. Floral wallpapers, paisley furniture – anything goes! In any case, a lot of wood materials and colors are always welcome, be it high-polished floors for the sophisticated style, or rugged and unvarnished furniture for the rustic home.

Illuminate to perfection

Proper lighting and light fixtures can do wonders for your home. Even the best-curated décor will feel off if it’s not lit perfectly. Vintage design is all about soft and cozy lighting, with plenty of smaller, strategically placed sources. Gorgeous vintage lamps are relatively easy to find, so with a bit of luck, you should be able to come across a few that will suit your needs perfectly. Older electrical devices can be whimsical though, and electricity is something you should always be careful with, so it’s best to have an emergency electrician on hand.

Repurpose with DIY

Sometimes we are too busy roaming vintage stores and open markets to see the potential of the objects all around us. Most homes have furniture that you can breathe new life in, and make them exquisite. When it’s someone else’s, it’s vintage. When it’s yours, it’s just old, right? Wrong. In most cases, all you need is some sandpaper, a can of paint, maybe some stencils or even decoupage supplies, and you can transform your old furniture into stunning pieces.

Create cozy nooks

There’s nothing better to create that warm and comfy feel than a quiet corner to curl up in. They’re also an amazing way to put any awkward corners to good use. Decorate with fluffy pillows a book shelf, some soft light, perhaps a vintage music box and some of your favorite photographs in retro or distressed frames, and we guarantee it will become your favorite spot in the house.

Finish off with accents

Every room needs some carefully chosen details to make the entire look come together. If you coordinate the color so that it sets off the dominating palette, you are onto a winner. An elegant vase, a romantic vintage globe, a striking painting or print, a handmade throw or a rug, and an ornate mirror frame – these are just some examples of that perfect accessory.

Retro design has a very specific charm, and is perfect for sophisticated, feminine spaces – whether you opt for high class or shabby chic. Put some fresh flowers on the table, a cup of warm fragrant tea, and a hefty novel on your end table, and voilà! You can enjoy the nostalgic, warm feel of bygone times.

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