3 Things To Consider Before Decorating Your Open Floor Plan

Open plan living is in vogue again. It was a natural type of living since tribal times, but ever since the architectural boom in the twentieth century, it seems people became obsessed with separate rooms and areas divided with walls. In this time of liberalism and postmodernism, it’s all about breaking the barriers of baby-boomer times, and it seems the walls came down with them. It’s not only a defining mode of living in the 21st century, it can also look spectacular. If you want to decorate your open floor plan, here are 3 things to consider.

Think of it as rooms within a room
Every person that has experience with open-plan living will tell you the same thing – it’s all about focal points. Take the size and shape of your open floor into consideration and plan out where you’ll place your living room, parlor or/and your recreation area.

The way it’s set up is half the decoration. Try to place your living room as far from the kitchen as possible to distance your furniture from cooking smells. Find a focal point for each “room within a room” and use big carpets or stylish dividers to give them an outline.

The trick is to make it look natural and avoid visual clutter. However, this is not the only trick that can help you ameliorate the potential chaotic look.

Consistency is created with colors
Try to keep it simple when it comes to style and color. If you plan to go out and buy furniture, limit yourself to three colors (two prevalent colors and one reserved for details). This will create visual consistency in your open-floor plan. Of course, if you plan to experiment with more daring color combinations, make sure to know your mishmashes and contrasts well.

If the rococo frame of your favorite mirror doesn’t blend in seamlessly with the rest of the living space, the best course of action is to either get rid of it or (preferably) place it in another room. If you mix and match strikingly different styles, your décor will look downright kitschy.

Try to keep your colors on the lighter side of the spectrum to make it look even more spacy. If you can afford it, throw in some wall-sized mirrors. They will make your open floor look even bigger and compliment the already established style. However, as far as space is concerned, this is not where the story ends.

Minimalistic equals space-friendly
Space is one of the key features of an open-floor plan. If you want your décor to pop with modern contours and give it an airy appearance, go with a minimalist design. Straight lines and clean surfaces will reward you immensely – they can be cost-effective and look beautiful and luxurious.

You can save a lot of space by choosing a space-friendly type of windows. For example, you could change all your double-hung windows with sliding or stationary windows. You can install the most affordable but sturdy sliding doors in Sydney to gain additional leeway for your furniture.
Another popular option is to throw out all of the superfluous decorations that collect dust, like carpets and paintings (less dust means less allergies) and put more accent on the textures of surfaces – marble patterned tables, wooden floors etc.

This will give your open floor both cutting-edge and timeless appearance.

There are countless variations when it comes to decorating your open floor plan. You can always seek additional advice from your friends and family. However, the only rule you need to abide by is finding a style you’ll feel most comfortable with and never backing down. This living space is, after all, your only true kingdom.


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