How To Refresh An Old Kitchen

Regardless of your cooking skills, a kitchen is often the most important room in every house. Because it’s a room with a specific function, many people don’t give much thought to its style or the way it fits in with the rest of the home. That’s why many kitchens often seem old and outdated.  However, this can be changed with a few creative touches and without having to spend too much money. Just one new and eccentric item is often enough to revitalize the whole room.

The lights

Lighting can change the mood of the room and make it appear more spacious and lively. Start by replacing your old light fixtures and adding a few task lights above the counter, sink, and appliances. After that, you can focus on the accent lights by adding a chandelier. They can work with a variety of different styles, but soft lights and a simple look will help you create a modern atmosphere.


Older kitchens usually don’t have a specific theme, which makes them look messy and unappealing. The simplest way to add a touch of style is to keep the colors monochromatic. But don’t worry, this doesn’t always require remodeling the whole kitchen. Adding a fresh coat of paint or replacing the front of the cabinets should be enough for your kitchen to look as good as new. Don’t be afraid of using bright and energetic colors such as red or orange. They will create a great contrast with your black kitchen appliances and countertops, and it’s actually good for the appetite as well.

Recycling center

A home recycling center should be located below the sink to make it more accessible and therefore easier to organize. Have a bucket for organic material only, and since there’s going to be a lot of it in the kitchen, that one should be the largest. You should also have buckets for paper and plastic, and don’t forget to add one for the trash that can’t be recycled. That one should be the hardest to fill if you’re doing everything you can to recycle. It’s best to use different colors for the bins to keep them well organized.


Your appliances are the soul of your kitchen. By gradually replacing them, you can create a new atmosphere that will make your everyday tasks much easier. Black and stainless steel appliances with a minimalistic look and a gadget-like feel about them will make the kitchen appear modern and sleek. Stoves and ovens like the ones from euro appliances can also help you cut down on the utility bill, since they use gas instead of electricity. Pair this up with a recycling center that your modern kitchen should have, and you’ve got yourself a green home.


If your kitchen has enough natural light, flowers should be able to thrive in it. It’s a simple and inexpensive way to breathe some life into the room and once you get bored with it, you can just replace the flowers with something seasonal and give your kitchen a makeover. Herbs such as rosemary, basil, lemon, and mint are both decorative and easy to grow. You can also use them for your daily cooking and be completely sure that they are one hundred percent natural and pesticide-free. Lilies, jasmine, mint, and daisies can also serve a purpose in the kitchen besides being beautiful. They absorb the odors making the kitchen smell fresh and clean.
Keeping the kitchen fresh and modern doesn’t have to be a demanding and expensive task. It can be done just by replacing a few items, deciding on a new style and sticking to it.

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