5 Ways To Design A Modern Living Room

Having eye-catching and modern living room takes a bit of creativity and a lot of effort. With the proper colour palette, striking accessories, and some stylish furniture, you can turn your otherwise plain living room into a high-end looking living space. Check out some of the secrets interior designers have shared with us and discover the simplest ways to add some style into your home.

Add crown moulding
When you want to add some extra chic and create a posh looking interior, decorate the room with crown moulding. It gives an elegant appearance to ceiling and walls, while bringing them together as well. Most of the room tends to look unfurnished and plain without crown moulding, so be sure to consider them as the top way of creating a modern living room. What’s more, they’re quite affordable, which means you won’t have to break the bank for introducing a bit of style into your home.

Choose appropriate colour palette
The entire decor of the room is based precisely on the colour of the walls, which can make picking colour palette even more difficult. However, only a few shades will portray the elegance and modern look you’re going for. Soft, understated hues as beige, ivory, or earthy green will perfectly fit into the idea of contemporary living room design. Once you have the walls as a neutral palette, it’ll be easier to make a statement with some focal artwork and extravagant furniture to create the perfect balance.

Invest in window accessories
Window treatments are the crucial part of living room decor. Skip this part of embellishment and you’ll end up with cheap and unfinished look. Luckily, you don’t need to spend a fortune on some elegant window accessories in order to create a modern living room. Unlined flimsy materials will look cheap, so opt for elegant materials such as cotton, linen and silk instead. See-through materials will look unflattering, so you could maybe consider woven bamboo shades and wood blinds as well. Only dressed windows will give the room an elegant and well-designed feel.

Accessories make the room stand out and create the focal point of each house area. Therefore, choose them wisely and make sure you go for the colours that will contrast the walls and furniture perfectly. Gold picture frames, black TV set, gold mirrors and black vases or shelving in combination with white walls will give the room a rich look. Just make sure you hire people who will perform the TV installation professionally and set up the TV properly, so you can enjoy the view from any part of the living room.

Get pillow and furniture embellishments

Estate sales, second-hand stores and consignment shops can be great places to shop for elegant pieces of furniture without spending too much money. If you love a certain piece but it doesn’t quite fit into your decor, you can always reupholster it and make it more matchable. Furthermore, incorporating pillows to the entire decor will add a dose of sophistication to the room. Choose the pillows correctly, and the elegance factor will go through the roof. Not only will they embellish the place, but also make your guests and yourself more comfortable while enjoying the sofa or a couch. A 22-inch pillow is just the size you should go for, since smaller won’t create that plush and elegant appearance large, overstuffed pillows would.

Creating a modern living room has never been easier. With a little bit of creativity, a few tips for you to think about and a lot of effort, you’ll have a contemporary living space to enjoy and make others admire it. Just be sure to introduce crown moulding, right colours, classy furniture, modern accessories, elegant window treatments, and stylish pillows for the best-looking living room.

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