Shopping Tips for Getting Your Perfect Rug

A homey atmosphere of coziness and comfort is difficult to achieve without rugs; without them, a room is likely to look monotonous and cold. However, picking the right rug for each living area is very important – it needs to fit. If the rug happens to stand out from the general style of a room, it will create disbalance and it will generally look off-putting. Here are some tips to keep in mind when picking the right rug for any room, regarding the size, color and texture.


The size of your rug should be determined by the size of your sitting area. However, things are a bit more complicated than simply choosing a big rug for a large room and a small rug for a tiny one.
First, let’s tackle the living room – seeing how the general “rule” here is to place your furniture at least a couple of feet from the wall, you can expect that your armchairs and couch will be touching the rug with their front feet and this is perfectly fine; in fact, it is preferable that your living room is arranged this way.
When it comes to the dining room, your aim should be a rug below the dining table and it should definitely be larger in surface than the table, both for the sake of practicality, as well as in terms of aesthetics. As a rule of thumb, the chairs should still be on the rug when you pull them back to stand up or sit down.
Finally, place a rug under the foot of your bed in your bedroom to make the area appear larger.

The power of color

Expectedly, color is the next factor that plays a huge role when it comes to choosing a perfect rug. The trick is knowing what color you’re actually looking for, which means taking note of your room’s general color scheme. Even though it might not seem so, a rug can completely make or break a room and this refers to its color, for the most part. For example, if your room is vivid with a large number of colors, adding one more is not going to help anyone, especially if we’re talking about a rug. Alternatively, if the target room is neutral, a vividly-colored rug will go a long way in creating a livelier vibe. Do not underestimate the transformational power of color!

Texture for a layered look

Color is known to be a dominant visual aspect of an object, but when it comes to rugs, the texture goes a long way in shaking things up. Even outside of the visual aspect, the material you choose will determine how durable and easy to clean your rug is going to be – for example, jute, wool and cotton are excellent choices.
Choose a texture that contrasts the finishes of your furniture; as an example, a softer and fluffier rug will go perfectly well with leather furniture.

A play of patterns

Patterns can be a bit tricky to fit into a room without creating a mess, but if you manage to pull it off, they can truly break monotony. The key, however, is balance – if your room already has patterns, a patterned rug is a no-go. On the other hand, the plainer the room, the better fit a patterned rug is. In any case, if you go with patterns, do not go wild with colors – they should be the same as your room’s main theme.

Buying the rug

The traditional way of buying a rug is great in terms of actually getting to see and feel the products. The traditional shops, however, tend to lack in the number of options available.
Online shopping for floor rugs is definitely a better and a more financially comfortable approach, which, in the end, is what truly matters when choosing the perfect rug.

Rugs do play an important role when adding character to a room. Take your time and choose a rug of the perfect size, color and pattern.

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