About Us

Creative Residence is a guide through the process of modification of your living space into the perfect home that you always desired. We present you interior and exterior designs ideas that step away from the traditional designs creating unique and modern homes.
In our archive you will discover:

  • The latest trends in home designing.
  • Decorating ideas that will help you express your style and personolaity into your home.
  • Advices for a better organized and functional home.
  • Examples of unique and beautifuly designed house from all around the world.
  • Do it yourself projects.

Our goal is to satisfy the desires of our folowers with a unique and quality content. With the wide pallet of design styles presented on this site we tend to reach each individual mind and inspire it to create a perfectly designed home that will fullfil all your desires and expectations waht your home should represent.

The site started working in the end of 2015 and as a new site we are eager to improve ourselves all in favour of our followers being satisfied and happy. If you have any question or idea, feel free to contact us through our contact form.